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Zoho Mail’s OutBox Feature..

After swearing by Calpyso, then Outlook, then the open Thunderbird, I moved to Zoho Mail recently, and am LOVING every moment of it!

One interesting feature that has so often saved me from the type-faster-than-you-think syndrome is the Outbox feature of Zoho Mail.

Similar to the goggle-feature of Gmail, but just better thought out, and less obnoxiously described (come on, who would want a feature that is “supposed to help drunk latenighters from sending off inappropriate mail!!”), this feature lets you keep mails that you have “sent”, in a waiting room for a few pre-ordained minutes… during which time, you might suddenly realize you forgot the attachment, or that you aren’t really THAT angry with your wife, or that you hit REPLY-ALL instead of individually replying to that important mail from your boss!

All it lacks though, is a nice name. So, to the good folk at Zoho Mail, I have a suggestion, a neologism, no less!

Let us call it Quarantime. 🙂

A portmanteau of Quarantine and Time, which is what it is..

What do you think?


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