A special trip to Delhi!

January 20, 2010 1 comment

Last week, I took off for Delhi, on a special one-day trip.
Having met Ed through ToonDooSpaces, (her school is a customer, and she is an avid user of the platform), and struck up an interesting online friendship with her over the past few months), it was indeed too enticing to let go, when I came to know that she’ll be visiting India, and spending a day in Delhi too.

So, I decided to do what I had perhaps never done before!
Flew all the way across India, to spend half-a-day with somebody I thought I have come to know quite well, but somebody I had never even met once!

We had gallons of coffee, walked kilometers, rode around on the city bus, took in some good quality pollution, caught up on a hundred questions mostly about India and Indians, strolled through the National Gallery of Modern Art, crossed impossibly chaotic roads, watched touring circus children parade in front demanding money, visited a roadside temple, visited India Gate, had late lunch and discussed more about India.

The fact that she had read up so much about India (her latest consumption being “Between the Assassinations” by Aravind Adiga) added further complicating dimensions to the discussions. 🙂

We’re both well past the “romance / dating” age, but it was indeed quite an unusual feeling for me to see in real flesh-and-blood somebody I had shared a lot with ONLY ONLINE.
Now, very surely, we both know that we aren’t dogs. 🙂

Glasbergen always comes up with pithy cartoons that capture just the right emotions. Here’s an example!

She seems to have enjoyed it as much as I did too. Her blog post sounds like that, at least. 🙂





This is NOT a prayer!!

January 20, 2010 Leave a comment

This is NOT a prayer!

A friend shared this with me. Could NOT just keep it to myself!

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Can this possibly be real?!

January 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Yes the technology exists, I agree. The fingers are nimble enough. The iPhone keypad amazingly predictive too. The bathroom the best place for an idea too… Will this become the next ubiquitous omnipotent computing tool? I wonder…

And another thought sneaks past.. Someday soon, you are going to have your own personal 24×7 life channel broadcasting continuously .. Will we have enough interesting things to say??

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Hidden gems stumbled upon serendipitously…

November 28, 2009 Leave a comment

A friend had brought her child to work this weekend, in connection with “Children’s Day Celebrations”, and had got her decked up as a Native American.

He was sharing photos of the event with me, last night. (Featured below, Cindy Amrita, posing as a Native American).

An interesting series of mini-discoveries, happened soon after, that I would like to share with you all.

The moment I saw this photo, I was reminded of the very beautiful and silently smart woman I saw in the “Night At The Museum“, the native American lady who comes alive from the exhibit..

The name was complex, was all I could remember, still Google was helpful – Sacagawea was the name, I knew in just seconds..

Googled for her further, and learnt that she was the famous guide who helped in the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Then, tried to learn a bit more of the connection between her and the movie. And, landed on this article about Mizuo Peck, the Japanese-Caucasian actress!

And, hidden, like the proverbial diamond in the rough, was this article by a learned woman of Native American origin, elaborating, among many things, the responsibility borne by media story-tellers.

I was amazed at her command over the language, her ability to express forcibly, politely, yet sternly, what the right thing to do was.

The best thing about the web is this. The ability to level the playfield, to provide each an equally loud mouthpiece, and the once-in-a-while discovery that comes by laden with serendipity where each turn around the corner provides a more interesting vista and a greater learning experience!

Jai Ho!

The Power of ONE!

November 13, 2009 2 comments

In Mathematics, unfortunately, things don’t reflect the reality of life.
In fact, Einstein himself once said, “As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality”.
So, don’t be seriously disillusioned just because, in Maths, raising a number to the power of 1 is as good as leaving it as it is….
And, worse, 1 raised to ANY POWER is still 1 itself.

Welcome to reality, and let us read this inspiring poem by an anonymous author.

One SONG can spark a moment,

One FLOWER can wake the dream,

One TREE can start a forest,

One BIRD can herald spring,

One SMILE begins a friendship,

One HANDCLASP lifts a soul,

One STAR can guide a ship at sea,

One WORD can frame the goal,

One VOTE can change a nation,

One SUNBEAM lights a room,

One CANDLE wipes out darkness,

One LAUGH will conquer gloom,

One STEP must start each journey,

One WORD must start a prayer,

One HOPE will raise our spirits,

One TOUCH can show you care,

One VOICE can speak with wisdom,

One HEART can know what is true,

One LIFE can make a difference,

One FRIEND can change your LIFE!

Now all I want you to do is this.

Re-read the poem, and stop at the end of every sentence.
Spare a thought to the first person, thing, or deed, that comes to mind when you think of that ONE heart or that ONE touch.
Do better! Send that person an email, or give him or her a call.

Spread cheer! We can all do with a little bit more of it!

Remember the Power of One!

Hearts in Harmony!

October 6, 2009 2 comments

I often wonder how words are born.

And, if I don’t know or learn about the original etymology, I just concoct my own.

Here is one that I came up with a few days ago.


This is a Tamil word, representing the heart…

Was wondering how this happened to be.

Could it be because Love is a matter of the heart?

And, to truly love you need mutual understanding and empathy?

And, இரு is a prefix for two in Tamil…. and தயம் loosely morphs to empathy?

So, Two-sided Empathy leads to a matter of the heart!

How about it?

Okay Okay, I know I know, the origin is all the way back to “Hriday” (ह्रदय) from Sanskrit.

But, haven’t you heard of that all-encompassing “poetic license”?

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The ABCs of Religion..

October 6, 2009 2 comments

The past fifteen days have been tumultuous in terms of opening my mind’s eye about religions other than Hinduism.

I chanced upon a book titled “ABRAHAM – A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths” by Bruce Feiler.

It talks about how the common thread between the seemingly at-odds religious trio of Christianity, Judaism and Islam runs deep, spreads far and wide, and stretches way back into the dim undocumented past right up to the day the religion was born!

I liked the last chapter where the author ties the book up, by talking about the need for a new Abraham and what qualities He must possess..  He also recounts a personal story of fulfillment where he was amazed at the unity and willingness shown by luminaries of the three faiths to come together and indulge in discussions and debates on the topic.

Anything, these days, anything that can stop all the meaningless violence in the name of G_d, will help.

My only bittersweetness at the end of the book was that this guy has achieved so much at such a young age.

It is truly a masterly achievement to write about three religions currently at loggerheads without hiding the truth NOR trying to please everybody.

Imagine walking on a sharp blade edge while blindfolded, with a full wineglass balanced on your head. Bruce’s job was tougher!

Right after Abraham, I jumped to the latest Brownian sensation – The Lost Symbol.

If Abraham gave me, a rank outsider, a layman’s intro to the ABC’s of the three religions borne out of the Fertile Crescent of Arabia, this book taught me one more ABC about religion.

Langdon, our fast-running, puzzle-solving, lap-swimming claustrophobic Robert Langdon, our dear Professor Symbologist is at it again.

And, while at it, he asks a student, what was the Acid Test for a community to be called religious..

And, the student correctly answers:- A B C.

ABC – Assure, Believe, Convert.

Religions ASSURE Salvation.

Religions BELIEVE in a precise theology.

Religions CONVERT non-believers.

I am not sure how right this is, for, ever since Danny boy indulged in deceit so low as to say in the first page of his book, that everything in this book is real and actual, (while conveniently misleading us by writing THAT SENTENCE itself as part of the fiction in the book), I have decided Mr. Sodium Chloride will be my faithful assistant whenever I run along Dan Brown’s 24-hour hunts..

Anyway, that ABC sounded neat and compact…

Felt like sharing with you all, and wondered what you would think about it all…

P.S:- Oh yes, I have gotten into the habit of spelling G_d o-less. A neat habit I picked up from a Jewish friend of mine. Seems they refer to Him thus, for, it is immoral to take His name in vain… Nice!