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The iPad – An Ergonomist’s Nightmare, An orthopedic’s Heaven!

April 11, 2010 3 comments

I brought a severe back strain on to myself, trying some heroics playing football with my son, on our building’s terrace.

That could be the reason for the negative tone of this blog post, and that could also be the reason for the “seeming volte face” from the previous blogpost earlier in the day.

But, I visited the homepage of the Apple-website, and was greeted with a huge collection of video-ads about the iPad and its magical features.

Something struck me as odd, and I decided to look closer. Took some screengrabs, and this is what I have.

First see the images, and then, let us continue the “sudden theory” that dawned on me now.

So, does the same thing that struck me as odd, strike you as odd?

Look at all the postures. While they convey the casual ease of use, it is SO OBVIOUS that ergonomics has been “thrown out the window”. Look at all the unnatural postures. Try holding on to such a pose for longer than ten minutes and you’ll get a crick in your lower back, I am sure. And, look at those feet – More often than not, they seem at a higher level than the hands!!

Nobody gives a damn I guess, if you murder your back by watching a movie propped on one elbow, from the couch… Or, if you have to “hold on” to your iPad with a thumb and forefinger to keep it strategically right on the tabletop while you flick away with the other hand….

This is a digital consumer’s dream come true! The iPad is the new-age couch-potato’s bottomless supply of popcorn.

But, it is also one insidiously dangerous device – I am sure orthopedic surgeons will be laughing all the way to their banks!

– Rajendran.