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On this, keep a Tab. Let Ebook Readers beware!

January 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Apple, ever the secretive genius that derives as much joy surprising its audience with the unexpected, as it does in making the impossible possible, is at it again.

It is now official that they are launching a serious large-screen tablet device. (It has been rumored for long, but now the WSJ and FastCompany are talking about it….)

And, what’s more, they have sent a special colorful playful invite to journalists.. That looks like this.

I get this uncanny feeling that the folk at Apple would surely have tried some mischief here.

My feeling is that the color blotches actually HIDE what was originally printed on the cover – a photograph of the gorgeous new iSlate perhaps.

Am I just dreaming too much? (No, can’t be! Have been losing a lot of sleep lately, ever since I learnt that this Apple device is going to make my own Sony PRS700 look shamefully ugly…)

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