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Happy Birthday Sachin – And, Good Luck!

Happy Birthday Sachin!
It is a privilege to watch you play!

The only thing one can even pray for is that God give you the required wisdom to plan your retirement to perfection.
We are in no hurry.
We would love to watch you bat till we die!
But, we want to remember you for the best knocks you played…..
Not as a pale shadow of a once-invincible player who rose to demigodness only to be brought to rude reality when Father Time caught up.
We saw it happen, after all, to sportsmen worldwide.

Good luck, and may you live a “century”!

Meanwhile, I am amazed by this man’s tongue-in-cheek humor and laser wit.
He strung together a series of tweets about Sachin’s birthday, that were as pun-poetic as Tweets can ever be!
Take a look at the laugh-riot at @rameshsrivats twitter page.


Moved, so, Moving..

October 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Have finally decided to ditch the hidden-from-everything middle-of-nowhere relic of a blog I had back at Rediff (the Tipping Cup at Rediff Blogs), and resolved to take a new home here at WordPress.

Hope I have a good time giving you a good time.

The new Rajendran of the post-twitter world.

(Basically, no time for embellishments, is what that threatens to say!)